Family Spiritist Retreat Unveils the Theme for the 2018 Event

Updated: May 22, 2018

We are celebrating the 150 publication anniversary of the Genesis of Allan Kardec. Inspired by this magnificent work, you and your family are invited to explore the unexplored powers of the spirit so well described in this book.

What's Your Super Power? was chosen as the main theme for the retreat. Children, teens and adults will discover in a fun and playful setting the super powers that we all have.

The poster was created by Joao Zago, who has been participating of the retreat since he was a kid.

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Reference materials for the 2018 retreat:

  • Gospel According to Spiritism - Chapter 17 - Be Perfect

  • Genesis - Chapter 14 - Fluids

  • Genesis - Chapter 15 - Jesus' Miracles

  • Spirits' Book - Questions: 629- 646, 893- 906, 932


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