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About the Family Spiritist Retreat

Since 2004.
Connecticut, USA

The Family Spiritist Retreat happens every summer in the beautiful state of Connecticut in the USA. It started in 2004, with a group of friends from spiritist centers in New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Connecticut and the desire to spread Spiritism and celebrate the Spiritist Family.

Since then, every summer, over 300 spiritists from ages 0-99 attend the day at the park with activities including theater, music, art, delicious food, prayer, fun, and lots of hugs, and love. A true celebration of Spiritism.

If you want to learn more to help create a Family Spiritist Retreat in your region, please get in touch with us!

Check our photo gallery to get the feeling!


In 2021, we opened the event to other states, happening in 9 locations in the US!
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In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we held the event online for the first time.

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